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November is traditionally my month of revitalization. I do cleanses, try to do more yoga, reassess my eating and sleeping and basically give my body time to recover from all the hard work it has done in the months before, while at the same time preparing it for everything I have planned for it for the upcoming year.

Gaiam TV seemed to have the same plan in mind when they launched their 21 Days to a Balanced You Guide, which is why I was delighted when I was asked by FitFluential to check it out. I started my Balanced You journey by taking the What’s Your Element Quiz. I’m not going to lie, I was 100% certain I would get water, I am always water, so it was a bit surprising when I saw this:

Cultivator_GAIAMQuizAccording to the quiz, I am not water, I am earth. I considered taking the quiz again, but as I read through the descriptions of the various elements, I decided that maybe the quiz was right…in this present moment Earth does appear to be my dominant element.


The beauty of the Balanced You Guide?

Its point is to balance you and so as I embark on my 21-day journey, I am incorporating all the elements into my practice, including my beloved water. Day 1 was actually a Vinyasa Boa Flow class whose goals was, as Bruce Lee said, to empty the mind and “be formless, shapeless like water.” Having not practiced yoga in quite some time, the practice was challenging, yet it felt natural as I flowed from one pose to the next.

Day 1 Boa Flow

On Day 2 the focus was earth and I enjoyed the Heaven on Earth sequence which was a series of rooted postures that focused on restoring balance and steadiness and included some of my favorite poses like pigeon, spinal twist and the figure 4 stretch.

I had to skip Day 3 on Monday, because I was horribly sick, but plan on doubling up today, tackling Day 3’s Fire sequence this morning as I start my day and the Flowing Water sequence this evening after work.

Yesterday’s Day 4 was a perfect 15-minute guided meditation focused on letting your thoughts come and go like logs floating by, which was just what I needed after a day of trying to catch up with everything I had to let fall behind because I was sick the day before.

Those 15 minutes reminded me how important it is to just let go sometimes.

Secret to Happiness - Buddha

Want to join me on your own 21 Days to a Balanced You journey?

Take the Quiz to get started today and check out FitFluential’s Giveaway for a chance to win a 3-month subscription to GaiamTV!


Do you have a month where you recover and revitalize? What are some of your favorite ways to rejuvenate?

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