Workout Wednesday: Evolve Functional Fitness

If you read my Marine Corps Marathon recap, you know I injured my hamstring 3 weeks before the marathon and decided to go out and run/walk the marathon anyway. It was worth it and I don’t think I made the injury any worse, but post-marathon I have definitely taken it a bit easy…but that doesn’t mean I’ve become a couch potato!

Evolve Functional Fitness

With almost perfect timing I was given a free 60-day membership to Evolve Functional Fitness to try out their online workout videos.  As their name says they focus on Functional Fitness. “Functional fitness places primary importance on building and then improving total body strength, balance, agility and overall fitness” (Evolve Philosophy). This is done through 5 types of workouts Core, Strength, Agility, Sports and Stretching.

I’ve had a chance to do all of the Express 1 (25 min) versions of their workouts and have 3 things to say:

  1. 25 minutes can make a difference and I love how Evolve focuses on quality not quantity. Each of their workouts is presented at 3 levels and you are allowed to move between the levels as you please. This has been amazing for me, because while I can often complete Level 2 or 3, my hamstring injury has sometimes forced me into Level 1, which I can easily switch to during the workout without wasting any time.Evolve options
  2. Functional fitness is awesome! While I love basic workouts like sit-ups, push-ups, crunches, leg lifts and such, the concept of functional fitness is great, because it prepares you for everyday movements and a wide range of sports and it allows you to target multiple muscles within a small number of activities. It means you can do a 25 minute workout that doesn’t necessarily feel super intense, yet the next day you know exactly which muscles you worked out! Who knew 25 min of agility training could leave me so sore!!
    Evolve Strength 1
  3. When at home, I’ve been using the iPhone app and projecting the workouts onto my AppleTV, but you can do the workouts from just about anywhere! All you need is a computer, phone or tablet, your own body weight and about 9 feet of space. At $7.99/month Evolve Functional Fitness makes it very hard to make excuses as to why you cannot work out!

Make Time For It!

Next week I start their 45 minute versions and I am also going to test out the extended 60-minute versions to see what other kind of workouts the trainers have to offer. You can have Evolve plan a schedule of workouts for you or you can use the Freestyle option to select your own workouts.  I’m hoping to see them expand their workout library, but so far I’ve really enjoyed the workouts I’ve completed and I can see myself continuing to enjoy Evolve workout’s as part of my cross-training next season.

Check out Evolve Functional Fitness’ Website and their YouTube Channel!

How do you make sure you stay active when you’re injured, when it’s cold or during the off-season? 

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