Finding Lean Green Island Girl

How did I end up with 3 blogs?  I have always enjoyed writing and sharing information and stories with people, so it doesn’t surprise me that I ended up with a blog, but 3…I’m not entirely sure. I guess I’ve always been the type to dabble in a million things at once. Hindsight, I should’ve known it wouldn’t be manageable. At the same time, with Lean Green Island Girl, I have found a way to keep all 3 blogs alive! I don’t have to just blog about sustainability or simple recipes or triathlons, I can blog about all of those AND MORE and that is exactly what I plan to do.

I can be lean and green and will definitely forever be an island girl!

But first, it is time to retire my other blogs. In honor of Throwback Thursday, here’s a walk down memory lane as we say goodbye to Sustainability: The Bottom Line, Uncomplicated Recipes and IslandGirlLoves2Tri.

Sustainability: The Bottom Line
[Nov 2009 – Oct 2011]
tree green I started this blog to chronicle my journey into a more sustainable lifestyle, which started when I participated in the 2009 Climate Ride. I met people like No Impact Man, Alison Gannett and Roz Savage, who taught me that one drop of water causes a ripple effect in the entire puddle and that one person can inspire change.

While I recognize that not everyone wants to do as much as I am doing, I challenge you to stop and think about the effect your actions have on your own health, your community and the sustainability of our planet. There are many simple things we can do to make the world a better place. The blog may be retiring, but I am still aiming to live a greener, more sustainable life and I look forward to sharing my experiences with you! Hopefully some of my actions will inspire you!

Uncomplicated Recipes
[Dec 2009 – Oct 2013]

Uncomplicated recipes was started because after years of avoiding the kitchen, I started embracing sustainability and with that came a love for simple, and whenever possible local and organic home-cooking.

I discovered that food doesn’t have to be complicated to be delicious and that simpler is often better. Discovering ways to create delicious, simple meals has been a wonderful journey and I hope others will join me.


My most popular blog post: Arrowroot Toothpaste

In an effort to green my home, I also expanded my experimenting to include homemade household and beauty products.  I became tired of not recognizing the words on the labels of the products and to be quite honest I was no longer willing to wait around and see what kind of effects some of these chemicals would have on our bodies.

All of my recipes are my own creations or are simplified version of the thousands of recipes I have acquired over the years from my mom, friends, online recipe sources and the many cookbooks I own.  I hope to continue bring back some of my most popular recipes and to continue sharing many new creations with you!

[Jun 2012 – Apr 2014]
Giving up IslandGirlLoves2Tri is probably the hardest, because it has become part of who I am…But change is good. I am still IslandGirl and I will always love 2 tri!

IslandGirlLoves2Tri actually wasn’t the blog’s original name. Like me, it went through an identity crisis starting first as a place for me to share my thoughts, then focusing on my attempts to hit the restart button on my health & fitness and finally morphing into the platform to share my journey into the world of triathlons and a permanent healthy lifestyle change.

As this blog evolved, my company, Behavior Basics LLC, and I did too. Up until this year my behavior therapy practice focused on children, particularly children with Autism and developmental disabilities. While I have been working on a second Masters degree, so I can add services for adults, I decided to not only add those services, but also add a specific focus on health, sport & fitness behaviors for children and adults!  I have started taking nutrition and exercise courses and post-Ironman, when I get my weekends back, I plan on completing a health coach training program.

Change is good and I am very excited about the new services I will soon be able to offer at Behavior Basics and the launch of Lean Green Island Girl!

If you’ve been with me since I started blogging, thank you! If you’ve just found me, welcome!
I hope you come back to visit many times!