Friday Five: 5 bloggers That Inspire!

Happy Friday! Lindsay from Strive to Stride gave me The Very Inspiring Blogger award. I have been nominated for blogger awards in the past and for some reason or the other never participated.

blogger-awardI was excited about this award though, because inspiring others IS the purpose of my blog and reading what Lindsay had to say about me, made me very happy.

“Every time I read her Ironwoman Wednesday posts I want to sign up for one! She’s been very honest about her training and I feel like I can relate to so many of her personality traits.”

Lindsay is a new triathlete and, like me, recently completed her first 70.3 (yay!) I hope she decides to sign up for a full in the future! It’s a time commitment, but it’s such an amazing experience.

This really only work on the trainer ;-)

This really only work on the trainer 😉

Between all my training and switching back to private practice, I haven’t had a lot of time to read blogs. Reading books and blogs like Strive to Stride is definitely on my to-do list post-Ironman and Lindsay, I think you just inspired me to sign up for a 50K (Linsday just did the Calgary Ultra in June)!

During training there are a few blogs I’ve consistently checked out and those are the 5 blogs I wanted to share as I link up with the DC Trifecta, Cynthia, Courtney and Mar, for this Friday Five (yes I’m totally breaking the official rules of the Inspiring Blogger Award, but I’m okay with that!)

Inspire and Be InspiredHere are 5 blogs that inspire me, make me laugh and have kept me motivated during my Ironman training:

  • Suzlyfe: Maybe I’m a little biased, because I had to joy of meeting Susie when I was in Chicago for a business trip and we immediately clicked, but I really do love reading Susie’s blog. She’s so real and funny and always makes me laugh. And she always has yummy pictures of food!
  • IronwomanStrong: Michelle at Ironwoman Strong is an inspiration. We co-host Ironwoman Wednesday together, which I love not just because we get to share the Ironman Louisville journey, but because I get to read Michelle’s blog every week. Her most recent Ironman Training Reflections post resonated with me more than she knows, because like her I am a woman who has spent years trying to find herself.
  • From Couch to Ironwoman: Jamie is my other Ironwoman Wednesday co-host and I love reading her blog, because like me she is training for Louisville with her husband. Reading their training and progress has been super motivational. Knowing there is another couple out there training together and sharing this experience always makes me smile.
  • SweatCourage: I met Kristine through Ironwoman Wednesday (do you see the triathlon theme? Susie is the only one who hasn’t done one yet, but we’ve got plans to change that in 2015!) and I am so glad I did. She is doing Ironman Mt.Tremblant this Sunday (!!), so our races are just 1 week apart. Kristin has been another source of motivation and inspiration for me and I’m excited to track her on Sunday and read her race recap. Go do it Kristin!!
  • TriGirlChronicles: Courtney is on this list, because of the phenomenal race report she wrote for her first 70.3. She had me in tears as I read her experience and relived mine. I haven’t kept up with her blog enough, but she’s on my to-read list post-IM!

    And a quick honorable mention to Courtney’s Tri Talk Tuesday Co-hosts: Cynthia at You Signed up for what?! and Miranda at The Cupcake Triathlete. All 3 of these bloggers are awesome and when Ironwoman Wednesday comes to an end, I look forward to linking up with them every week for Tri-Talk Tuesday!

Can you tell I’m all about the motivational women? Seriously though, they are awesome and each and every one of them has shown me what it is like to be a strong, determined, unstoppable woman.

Borrowing this one from Michelle:



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    • You’re welcome! Thank you! I just saw you’re dealing with an injury. Need to read your post (just skimmed it quickly…man I am going to be so happy when I have more time!), but I hope it heals soon!

  1. Well, in that case, we are both biased, and I am glad that we are, because I think that you are just smashing. I am so excited to see you going after what you love and want and know that you deserve. You have big dreams, but they are better than dreams, because they are goals and you are actively going after them. Plus you are just awesome. And THAT is why you are inspirational!

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