Holiday Gift Guide: Top 5 Favorites for your Fitness Enthusiast

Holiday Shopping

Wondering what to get the fitness enthusiast on your holiday list?

Wonder no more!

There are lots of fun Holiday Gift Guides out there including:

While I love the items in these guides, I noticed that some of my favorites were missing, so over the next few days I’m going to bring you my very own Lean Green Island Girl’s Holiday Gift Guide starting with my top 5 absolute favorite gifts, all under $40!

I love these 5 items because they’re great for any fitness enthusiast, whether they’re into swimming, biking, running, hiking, dancing, yoga, crossfit, rock climbing or kayaking!

Holiday Gift Guide 5 Favorites for your Fitness Enthusiast | LeanGreenIslandGirl

5. Trigger Point Therapy GRID Foam Roller – Large $39.99, Mini $24.99
This was me, when I received a GRID mini on my birthday:

Happy Birthday to Me!

See that giddy face?

You can make your fitness enthusiast look just as happy this holiday season with their very own GRID Foam Roller! I can’t guarantee they’ll look that happy while they’re using the roller, because sometimes it’s a little painful, but it is definitely a must-have for any athlete’s post-workout recovery routine! Read more about the GRID Roller here.

4. OrangeMud Transition Towel – $39.95
OrangeMud’s transition towel is another awesome gift for the fitness enthusiast, because it’s so much more than a towel! It serves as car seat cover to keep the car clean after a long workout and it’s an awesome way to get in and out of clothes before or after a workout!

This picture made me laugh:

Post-Kayak Clothing Change

[Source: Paddling Light]

Check out Paddling Light’s Transition Wrap review and check out how I used mine at Swim for Life here. Then hurry over to and use code LGIG14 at checkout for 15% off your order!

3. Momentum Jewelry – Foot Notes $10-17, Wraps $20 and more!
I cannot get enough of Momentum motivational jewelry. Their foot notes and wraps are a must-have for any fitness enthusiast that likes to push their limits and occasionally needs a positive mantra to keep them going.

Momentum Jewelry | Via Lean Green Island Girl

My racing shoes have foot notes, I have a Momentum Wrap telling me to “dig deep” and I would happily accept additional wraps and foot notes as a gift! (hint hint). They’re the perfect stocking stuffers for the future Ironman or marathoner in your life. Use code MOTIVATEME15 and get 15% off your website purchase [Valid thru 1/1/15]

2. Handana – $13.99
Handana doesn’t serve a glamorous purpose, but it’s perfect for just about any athlete (except maybe the swimmer). Handana is basically a comfortable, breathable hand wrap that you use to wipe sweat off your face. Not glamorous, but sooo necessary, at least I think so!

Handana | Via LeanGreenIslandGirl

Handana comes in various sizes and a wide range of colors. Use code handanafriends and get a 10% discount. Plus get FREE shipping with orders of $15 or more through the holidays.

1. FlipBelt – $28.99
One of my biggest complaints of running and yoga pants is the lack of pockets. I mean, where am I supposed to put my phone, keys, GU and ID? And maybe you don’t need pockets during yoga class, but let’s admit it, most of us wear our yoga pants outside of class and if you’re like me, you rarely wear a purse, so wouldn’t it be nice to have a place to put keys, your phone and a credit card before and after class, especially when you’re just quickly running into a coffee shop or grocery store after class.

FlipBelt is the solution.

FlipBelt is made of a moisture-wicking, spandex-lycra blend and is designed to carry your on-the-go essentials without tying up your hands. No bulk. No bounce. Whether it’s to yoga, on a run, on your bike, rock climbing, cross fitting or jet setting (I’m totally going to use my FlipBelt to hold some of my essentials next time I travel).

Flipbelt Run, Play, Explore! | Via LeandGreenIslandGirl

FlipBelt comes in fun colors that can be matched perfectly with a Handana for an awesome Fitness Enthusiast Gift! Check out and use code Sweat10 for 10% off your purchase. Plus the first 15 people to Pin, Tweet or Share this Holiday Gift Guide on Facebook will get a special 33% off coupon! Just use the Contact Me page to send me a message with the URL to the pin, tweet or share and I’ll email you your very own 33% off code!

What are you waiting for? Get to pinning, tweeting, sharing and shopping!

Happy Holidays!


2014 Holiday Gift Guide

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