I love suspension training!

Today I’m a guest blogger on Pretty Lil’ Mudder where I share some of my favorite strength training suspension exercises. If you read my strength training post last week, you know strength training has not been a focus of Ironman training, but I have found ways to incorporate it into my post-swim/bike/run routine.

Here’s my absolute favorite suspension training exercise: The Pike


Image: TRX

I love it, because it always kicks my butt. You use your entire body in this exercise and it has been a great core strengthener. This is a tough move and if you try it out, start by getting comfortable with a TRX plank first. Remember what I said last week, don’t worry about the more advanced variations unless you have fully mastered the basics!

Check out my post on Pretty Lil’ Mudder for more about this move and my other favorite suspension training exercises!

trxAnd if you’re in the Northern Virginia area, check out MyThrivePilates. I really enjoyed their TRX classes! I’ve also found various suspension training systems for use in-home (just google suspension training systems). On Amazon they range from $20 to $200. I’m sure some brands are better than others, but most had pretty good reviews. I decided to get the Sportline Quick Adjust Suspension X-Trainer which was affordable and has worked well for me.

Have you tried suspension training? What’s your favorite move?


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