Ironwoman Wednesday: Life after Ironman

It’s Ironwoman Wednesday with Jamie at From Couch to Ironwoman, Michelle at IronwomanStrong and me! We all recently became Iron(wo)men when we finished Ironman Louisville on Aug 24, 2014.


During our training we would meet up on Wednesdays to talk Ironman and other things triathlon-related. Now our first Ironman is behind us and we are all asking, what’s next?

So today, let’s link-up and talk: Life After Ironman

I have to admit the post-Ironman depression that some people speak of hasn’t quite set in for me. Knowing it might come, I planned a weeklong post-Ironman vacation that was packed with family time, new adventures, great music and lots and lots of good food. We explored Kentucky and Tennessee and even made some stops in Indiana, Arkansas and Mississippi. It was awesome! But now I’m back home and back to normal life…so what’s next?

Well first things first, which of course means basking in Ironman glory, which so far has included:

  1. Pillaging the Ironman store
    IM Gear Craze
  2. Adding the Ironman sticker to my car
  3. Baking M-dot pancakes and cookies. What else can I make in the M-dot shape? Send me fun ideas!
    Mdot PancakesI need to work on my M-dot baking skills!
    Mdot Cookies
  4. Deciding whether or not to get a new tattoo and designing it…I’m still on the fence about this one, but I do have some ideas floating around
  5. Adding the 140.6 charm to my Swim Bike Run necklace. Thank you The Run Home for my awesome necklace and charm!
    140.6 Charm
  6. And of course….carrying my Ironman backpack everywhere I go.
    Ironman meet Derby

So now that I’m decked out in Mdot and 140.6 stuff, what’s next?

I’ve already hinted that I WILL be doing an Ironman again, but I think I’ll wait a year, because training is a big time commitment, so being on the every other year schedule looks like it might work best for our household. I also want to be able to do more races in a year, which might be feasible on an IM schedule, now that I know what it’s like, but might be easier if I stick to sprints, Olys and maybe a 70.3 or two. While I have a few races in mind for next season, I haven’t actually scheduled any, which makes my life feel a little empty…

Luckily the 2014 season isn’t quite over yet. I’ve actually got 3, maybe 4…and maybe even 5, exciting things coming up in the next few months, with the first one just a few days away:

  • The Nation’s Triathlon: Knowing that I shouldn’t race so soon after Louisville, if I wanted to have a good Marathon in October, I decided to take a position with the Nation’s Triathlon. Working the race may turn out to be more exhausting than actually racing on Sunday, but I am also super super excited about it! I’m one of the 2 volunteer coordinators, which means for the past few months I’ve been recruiting volunteers and starting tomorrow I will be working behind the scenes with volunteers to make the race happen. [We’re still looking for volunteers, if you’re interested!!]
  • DC Ragnar Relay: 12-people, 2 vans, 200 miles, how could I resist? I’ve wanted to do a Ragnar race for years, so this year I decided to form a team. I rounded up 11 fellow DC Tri Club members and now Team Together We Tri is ready to tackle DC Ragnar next Thursday! Both Pablo and I are in Van 1 and I can’t wait to share our experiences!!
  • Marine Corps Marathon: I’m so so excited to be running MCM with Team in Training. Not only am I super close to meeting my $1500 fundraising commitment, I also found Pablo and bib transfer and I’m a mentor for Team in Training which means I have a whole group of people to run with. My goal is to run a sub-5 hour marathon. I know, not fast…sub 4:30 is my long-term goal, but you’ve gotta start somewhere and considering my fastest half is 2:24, I think 5 is a good place to start.
  • Curacao Half Marathon or Marathon: This is a new potential race on my schedule, but when I found out that Curacao was having it’s first marathon/half marathon, I knew I had to be there. I’m still figuring out logistics, but Lean Green Island Girl probably won’t be able to miss the chance to race on her own beautiful island. Wanna join me for an Island RUNcation? 
  • And more…as of now my season ends in November, but someone just recently mentioned a race in December and I am tempted to keep the races going for as long as I can. I’ve also decided  that besides just visiting all 50 states (I’ve visited 34 so far), I’d love to run or tri in all 50 states too. So far I’ve raced in 5 states and DC, so I’ve got quite a few states to cover!

So what did you do after your first Ironman? Or how do you plan on surviving Ironman withdrawal? Comment or link-up and share your Life After Ironman stories with us!

  1. You still have some bog goals for this year and lots of training still to come your way! Best of luck as you shift from IM training to a run focus plan. I only had the IM on my race calendar this year. Currently, I am staying active, especially jumping on some group rides. I find it nice to tackle whatever activity I feel like on a particular day. I have been thinking forward a bit to next year as well. I am pretty certain I will race Raleigh 70.3, since it is in my back yard. I raced the inaugural year and volunteered this year. I also would like to race at least one Olympic and maybe a few sprints. In one respect next year is so far away, but time passes so quickly that it does not hurt to think that far in advance!

  2. You forgot training me for a tri and then doing it with me 😀
    I still think that you should make that hat your new competition helmet. I LOVE IT. I wish I could be there to run MCM with you, but you know that I will be there in my heart 😀

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