It’s the Little Things

As I went through my routine this morning I started to feel sense of gratitude for the things around me that I might normally take for granted…

  • A roof over my head with a warm cozy bed, that I did not want to leave this morning.
  • Electricity and a functioning heating system.
  • Running  warm water in the shower.


  • A family to share my morning with whether in-person or via the wonderful world wide web.
  • Enough warm clothes to make my upcoming trek outside tolerable.
  • A kitchen, not-so-well stocked at the moment, but with enough options for me to prepare a healthy breakfast.

The list went on and on and the more I appreciated everything around me, the happier I felt. In that moment, I realized that the fastest way to happiness is gratitude.



So if you’re complaining today about the cold weather or having to go to work or struggling with work, family or personal issues, take a moment to be in the here and now. Look around you and find appreciation for the little things that you have, because sometimes it’s the little things that matter most.

Happy Monday!