Happiness Challenge: #31HappyActions

On July 1 I started a Happiness Challenge. Inspired by Scott E Geller, a Virginia Tech professor who encourages individuals to create a more compassionate world by actively care for others, I decided to challenge people to engage in one act of kindness every day in July and share their actions on social media using #31HappyActions. [Read More]

Will you join the challenge?


Need ideas? Check out the actions below for some inspiration!

My #31HappyActions:

  • Day 1: It was interesting to start the challenge on my birthday, a day where you are normally the one getting all the gifts and attention. Yesterday I focused my kind actions on making sure I thanked everyone who sent me birthday wishes and appreciated everyone who came out to celebrate with me…and despite it being my birthday I also did some chores around the house, because I knew it would make Pablo happy. What was your Day 1 happy action?
  • Day 2: Picked up an extra shift at my internship next week after my boss said she was short staffed
  • Day 3: Smiled, nodded and/or waved to every runner and walker and to cars allowing me to cross on my run this morning. Have you done your happy action today?
  • Day 4: Helped friends clean up after their 4th of July party.
  • Day 5: Mailed old jeans to BlueJeansGoGreen to be recycled into insulation.
  • Day 6: Donated used running shoes to Pacers for the MORE Foundation.
  • Day 7: Took on middle of the night dog duty.
  • Day 8: Registered to vote! I am super excited to have the right to vote and be an active citizen in my community!
  • Day 9: Donated to my friend’s Aids Walk fundraising efforts.
  • Day 10: Guest blogged for Montana at Pretty Lil’ Mudder while she’s away on vacation!
  • Day 11: Shared some fellow bloggers’ posts that I love on Twitter
  • Day 12: Gave a fellow DC Tri Clubber a ride to Swim For Life
  • Day 13: Chatted with the lady who parked next to me during T1 of my double brick and 2 hrs later during T2 when we were both back at our cars
  • Day 14: Helped a friend out
  • Day 15: Spoiled my amazing dog today. Dogs need kind actions too!
  • Day 16: Signed up to volunteer at a kid’s triathlon
  • Day 17: Donated items to Goodwill
  • Day 18: Put the phones and all job stressed away, and hung out with friends for a few hours
  • Day 19: Shared a lane with a fellow swimmer (I know this is common courtesy, but what’s less common is for people to actually stop and respond to the request, which I always make sure to do)
  • Day 20: Complimented the SUP yoga teacher (and hoping to take one of her classes soon! It looked awesome and she’s in killer shape!)
  • Day 21: Listened and supported a friend who was feeling down
  • Day 22: Stayed calm talking to customer service despite annoyances
  • Day 23: Made tea for my husband because he wasn’t feeling well
  • Day 24: Cheered on a co-worker training for her first 10-miler!
  • Day 25: Was extra kind to the lady at the camp site check-inIMG_7003
  • Day 26: Went back to the camp site to put away something for a fellow camper in between my race simulation
  • Day 27: Picked up a package for a neighbor
  • Day 28: Apologized for making a mistake

Other #31HappyActions: It feels nice to be the receiver of kind actions!

  • IMG_6852Supportive messages from my husband
  • Donations from wonderful companies to help me make a difference in the fight against blood cancer
  • Kind words from a supervisor
  • A ride from a friend
  • Gifted a copy of A Patriot’s A to Z of America: Things Every Good American Should Know to celebrate my newly acquired American  citizenship
  • A thank you note from a Ragnar teammate
  • An ask me questions about anything anytime from a coworker
  • Spending time with friends and getting their dedicated, tech-free, distraction-free, attention
  • Having a friend join me for my bicycle rides and sticking with me even though she can ride faster


Don't know where to start?
Here are some ideas for your #31HappyActions:
The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation - Kindness Ideas
Action for Happiness - 40 Acts of Kindness
Happify - The Science of Giving
Hello Human Kindness
Random Acts - Performing Random Acts of Kindness

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