My First Half Marathon: Half Marathon of the Palm Beaches

With the start of a new Team In Training season just around the corner, I dedicate this Throwback Thursday to my first half marathon! I can’t believe it’s been 8.5 years since I ran my first half marathon! Looking at the pictures brings back so many memories and emotions.

Racing, and the entire journey up to the race, is amazing and if you are on the fence about whether or not to sign up for a race, do it!

IMG_4467_editI don’t remember exactly what finally made me sign up, but I remember getting the Team in Training postcard in my mailbox and thinking something along the lines of “I’ve just graduated from college and need a new challenge, maybe I should challenge the idea that someone with asthma shouldn’t be a runner and why not join a team that will provide me with coaching and group runs AND I can give back to the community.”

I have lost touch with the members of the Palm Beach Area Chapter, but I will always remember their friendly faces and I definitely remember the early morning long runs in Delray Beach, Florida. We would head out right before sunrise, so we could avoid the heat and run right by the beach. Coach Ed would check in, my mentor Tracey would tell funny stories and it felt great to run as part of a team. IMG_4442 I say run, but when I started, I could barely run for more than a minute. Lucky for me, Coach Ed ‘s training plan started with lots of run/walk and before I knew it I was doing an 8:2 run/walk and getting through a 10 mile run!

Race day was a nice, warm December South Florida day. My parents flew in from Curacao to be there with me and I remember feeling so excited and nervous. I was about to run 13.1 miles!

DSC01159 I can’t remember if I did the race on an 8:2 or 4:1, but I finished it in 2:40:21, just a few minutes before the first female full marathon finisher crossed the line. A full marathon, ha, I was never going to do that…well, I was wrong. Just 7 months later I did my first full marathon in Stockholm and this year I am so excited to rejoin Team in Training as a Mentor to run the 2014 Marine Corps Marathon!

You can track my fundraising progress and make a donation using the Team in Training icon in the sidebar or visiting my page. I should also have some fun raffles, auctions and other fundraising events coming up these next 6 months. And of course, I’ll also be posting updates on my ironman and marathon training.

Hopefully these stories and race reports will inspire you to sign up for your first or next race! I promise, it is an amazing experience, that will change your life!


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