My Never Say Never Inspiration: Nikie

In November of 2012, Pablo ran his first half marathon, the City of Oaks Half Marathon, in Raleigh, NC. We ran it with our friends Jesse, who was also running his first half marathon, and Nikie, who ran the marathon relay, swearing she’d never run a half marathon.


Pablo, Jesse and I after we finished the half.

Nikie is proof that you should never say never, because on Saturday June 7 she ran the Midtown Raleigh 13.1 and she wasn’t part of a relay, she did the whole thing and it was her idea! The best part? She’s already plotting her next half marathon!

First race
She doesn’t really remember her first race, but in North Carolina, we all got together and did the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5K. Nikie remembers it was hot and super crowded, but there was such a great energy from everyone there!

Favorite race
Nikie’s favorite race is the Shamrock 8K in Virigina Beach. The course is flat, the weather is perfect in March (not too cool, not too warm), part of the course goes by the scenic boardwalk/beach, the expo is awesome, the medal looks super cool, the Shamrock cookies at the finish line are DELICIOUS, the after party is fantastic (Yuengling beer, Irish stew, live band), and the energy is incredible!  I think I’m adding this race to my race calendar! Sounds like fun!

Shamrock 8K_March 2014

Favorite Gear
Her pink and white Garmin GPS watch is a must-have for any run. Nikie loves tracking the distance/pace, and also knowing her jog/walk intervals. Her “Nathan” waterbelt is a close second.

Overcoming some of the mental barriers:
Nikie tends to run with friends and thinks having their company really helps.  She also tries to focus on something positive – like the scenery or a great moment from her day.  Or she turns to either counting (counts to 25, and then keeps doing it until she’s through her wall) or repeating a mantra (“Turn this mother out!” “Do work!” “Easy day!”) to push herself along. 

Proudest Moment
Her proudest moment is definitely sprinting across the finish line as she finished her first half! “Jesse significantly slowed his race time to run alongside me, both of us knowing that I haven’t yet mastered the art of using positive thinking to break through my walls. It helped me to know that I wasn’t in it alone, and I also was conscientious about taking an inventory for how to be even more successful on my next big race (bringing music, repeating positive mantras, or having a talkative running buddy is a MUST for me!)”

Beyond getting the medal, slapping the “13.1” magnet on her car made Nikie feel like she had worked her way to an elite crew of runners. “I’m so honored to be among them, and have so much respect for those who regularly compete in half marathons!” Well Nikie, you’re one of us now!

Car magnet

What’s next?
In the short term, Jesse and Nikie have registered for a 5 mile race three weeks after their wedding date. Nikie says “It’s a great way to jointly commit to our fitness and health!” They are also planning to do a 10 mile race in December and a half this spring. Nikie’s looking at a downhill half marathon, and a half in her favorite place to race, Virginia Beach!



I’m super proud of Nikie and she inspires me to be keep pushing myself and never say never. As the awesome Suz from said “I run to believe in myself, that I am capable. Maybe not of anything, but of more than I thought at first.”  Nikie and I have both definitely reached milestones we didn’t think we were capable of!

What milestones have you reached that you never thought you would? What goals have you set for yourself?

Never Stop Setting Goals


  1. I, too, am the perfect Never Say Never kid. I never thought I would run for pleasure, let alone half marathons. Then I never wanted to do marathons, now I’m training for my second because I ENJOYED the first! Life takes you in crazy places, and you’ve just got to grow with it

    • Yes! And that’s exactly why I quoted you in my post! You though are more than never say never, you are proof that nothing can stop you, but you. You’re My Unstoppable Inspiration!

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