My Triathlon Inspiration: Holli

Today I am starting a Motivation Monday series called My Inspiration. Since launching LeanGreenIslandGirl I have had the pleasure of becoming a Girls Gone Sporty, I’m Fit Possible and SweatPink ambassador. These communities have brought me a lot of inspiration, but I also had inspiration before I joined these communities!

On the next few Motivation Mondays, I want to showcase some of those sources of inspiration. Some are elite athletes placing on podiums, others are just getting started or working toward goals they’d never dreamed possible…all of them inspire me to keep pushing myself to new milestones!

With less than one week until my first half ironman (woah!), my first inspiration is fellow triathlete and my iron(wo)man inspiration: Holli.

Holli is a member of the DC Snapple Tri Team. She is an amazing triathlete (follow her on her blog TriDreaming) and a tribute to what you can achieve with dedication and hard work. Holli started doing triathlons in 2009 after a collegiate soccer career. In her own words “a life without working out was weird! Swim, bike, run was convenient and fun!” 

Isn’t that the best attitude to have about working out! It’s how I feel about being physically active and it’s my mission to help others find that same feeling!

Here are some more fun facts about Holli:

First race? How was it?
Georgia Southern Sprint Triathlon in 2009. Her, what she calls, slow time, and newbie luck was enough to land her in 2nd place and hook her into triathlon for good!

Favorite race? Why?
Augusta 70.3. It has a fast swim, nice bike and run course and Holli always finds a new challenge at this race!  And she also gets to see her old friends from college.

Favorite gear?
Her Cervelo P2 (Mr. -she gave me the idea to name my bike-) and Osmo nutrition products -I haven’t tried these yet myself, but I’ve heard great things about it from Holli-

Proudest moment?
Finishing IM Louisville in 2012 and breaking onto some overall podiums in late 2013/early 2014.

Strategies to overcome the mental barriers we face as triathletes?
Holli blocks pain from her mind and reminds herself that some people go through much worse pain and that she chose to do this!  The training and racing are opportunities others can only dream of. -I’m right there with you Holli! It’s actually become my mantra on long training days You chose this! You want this! You got this!-

What’s next?
Holli has a great race schedule for 2014. She is going back to her favorite race, IM August 70.3 and also tackling IM Syracuse 70.3 and IM Lake Placid. She has some lofty goals for herself, which include completing the half IM in under 5 hours, staying strong on the Ironman run and qualifying for Kona before she’s 30.

If anyone can do it, I know Holli can and I cannot wait for the day she announces that she’s going to Kona!

She has had a great start to the 2014 season making it to the podium for both the sprint and half ironman triathlons she competed in. She is an amazing athlete and I am most inspired by her dedication and love for the sport.

Holli, thank you for inspiring me and for being our go-to Ironman Louisville resource. You rock!



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