Outerbanks, NC: Half Marathon, Beautiful Beaches, Fishing and More

If you’ve never been to North Carolina’s Outerbanks, you are missing out. While I’m loving my little staycation (I finished 2 of my DIY craft projects and I’m making cheese!), I kind of wish I was at the beach right now! Not only was the OBX Marathon & Half Marathon today, but Pablo is also out there for a long weekend of fishing and relaxing.

The first time I went to the Outerbanks was my senior year in College when my Advanced Photojournalism class created a website with photo stories of the people and sights of the Outerbanks. While one of my classmates was tasked to explore all of the OBX lighthouses, I was stuck on the mainland in Manteo. While I loved my project, I knew I wanted to go back one day to explore all that the Outerbanks had to offer.

My next chance back was in 2008 when I headed down to run my 2nd half marathon. After taking a break from running post-marathon in 2006, I decided it was time to run another half marathon. A few of my friends signed up with me and my mom and aunt tagged along as our support crew.

OBX PreRace W Mom

While I look cold in this picture, November in the Outerbanks is actually the perfect time for a marathon/half marathon. As the sun came out, it warmed us up and I remember thinking this is perfect!

OBX Start 2

The OBX half marathon is a good place to set a PR. Besides gorgeous weather, the course is also flat (except for the bridge into Manteo which you hit around mile 9). It’s been a few years since I ran the race, but it doesn’t look like the course has changed.

OBX Half Course

The half marathon starts at the mile 13.1 of the marathon and runs through the Neighborhoods of Nags Head, hitting the main highways a few times, making it possible for supporters to stop along the road and cheer you on.

OBX Mom Support

Now this is no Marine Corps Marathon or Nike Women’s Half and OBX is kind of deserted during the off-season (except for fishermen, more on that later), but there is crowd support and I remember the finish line in particular having quite the crowd cheering you on.

OBX Finish

From the website, it looks like the post-race party has gotten bigger over the years. I know we definitely enjoyed a post-race massage, had a beer?, and I definitely had some food and a delicious hot chocolate.

OBX PostRace HotChoc

Then we headed to the beach for a couple of hours, followed by a stop at the Outlets before heading back to Chapel Hill, where I lived at the time.

My true love for the Outerbanks didn’t develop until I met Pablo. Pablo loves the Outerbanks more than anyone I have ever met, but not for the typical reasons people love the beach. You couldn’t pay him to go there in the Summer when everyone else goes. Pablo goes when the moon is right and the fish are running. Yep, my other half isn’t only an amazing triathlete, he’s also a pretty good fisherman and he loves OBX because it is the best place in the world to fish for red drum and puppy drum. And now, thanks to him I love fishing on OBX too!

I could use lots of words to tell you how amazing Hatteras is, but instead, here are some of my favorite moments:

Thumbs Up. Fish on!

Our first trip to OBX together.

I caught my first fish!

We headed to OBX with my parents for a weekend getaway right after our civil union.

The newlyweds


And even though we don’t live in North Carolina anymore, we still try to get back about a year.

Sunset Fishing

Fishing at sunset

I caught my biggest fish ever, just this past June when we headed to OBX after our first 70.3 in Raleigh.

BIG catch

That is one big fish!

Not into fishing?

Kyle meets fish

No worries, neither was Kyle.

Beach time

Beach Time

The Outerbanks is also just a fun place to go for a beach getaway.

OBX Crab There are lighthouses to explore, there’s yummy good to be eaten, you can get a nice flat long bike ride in and if you have time I highly recommend a visit to Ocracoke or Portsmouth Island. Paradise!

Hatteras Amazing

Have you visited the Outerbanks? What’s your favorite part?

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  1. I enjoyed reading your post about OBX! Since I am a NC native, it is nice to find people that love things about my state. I have been to different areas of the Outer Banks and spent a long weekend in Ocracoke this past summer. It rained the entire visit, but we still had fun!

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