Tried It Tuesday: Calf Sleeves & Socks by PRO Compression

If you’ve read any of my recovery posts (5 Things I Love About Recovery or Ironwoman Wednesday: Recovery), you know I’m a fan of compression gear, BIG fan. I don’t go anywhere without my compression socks, so when I was given the opportunity to review PRO Compression calf sleeves as a SweatPink Ambassador, I jumped at the chance!


You’ve probably seen my pink compression socks on the blog before and now I also own a slick pair of black compression sleeves, which are almost better than the socks, because I can wear them anywhere including under my pants to work!

PRO Compression

How do these awesome, made in the USA, socks/sleeves work?

The science is complex, but basically the socks/sleeves are made with true graduated compression, which promotes improved blood flow, which leads to a faster recovery. The design also helps reduce swelling and inflammation while providing support to muscles and tendons. Additionally, the socks have arch support, a stabilization zone through the sides to the mid foot and an open toe box for added stability and comfort.

Increased blood flow = faster recovery

Let me show you how PRO Compression works for me!

Working: I can wear them anywhere! The sleeves are especially fantastic, because I can hide them under my work clothes and enjoy the benefits of compression while at work!

PROCompression at Work

PRO Compression At Work

Sweating: I don’t often wear compression gear while working out, but last week my legs were sore and I knew I needed support to make it through my workout, so I slipped on the compression sleeves and killed my run!

PROCompression Run

Kyle likes PRO Compression too!

No calf cramps thanks to PRO Compression!

PROCompression during a run

PRO Compression During a Run

Playing: Sure I get some funny looks when I go out for walks and to restaurants wearing shorts and compression sleeves, but you know what, I don’t care! My legs feel great!

PROCompression On a Walk

PRO Compression On a Walk on Mt.Vernon

PRO Compression at dinner

PRO Compression out to dinner!

Recovering: On the couch, in bed, during stretching and foam rolling, my sleeves and socks are always there to help speed up my recovery and keep me on track with my Ironman, Ragnar and Marine Corps Marathon training plans!

PRO Compression in Bed

PRO Compression in Bed

PRO Compression on Couch

PRO Compression on the Couch

Speaking of Ragnar and Marine Corps…PRO Compression doesn’t just come in pink and black, they’ve got some super fun socks, including this purple pair which is perfect for a Team In Training run! Or the fun Stars & Stripes sock, which is perfect for the Marine Corps Marathon. Or the bright orange Ragnar socks, which I might just need to convince my Ragnar team to wear when we tackle Ragnar DC in September!


Fun Colors & Designs

I’m hoping to have some PRO Compression gear at the Team in Training auction/raffle. In the meantime use the code PINK to get 40% off your entire PRO Compression order!

Click to tweet and share the code with friends: I #KeepItTight w/ @PROCompression! Use the code PINK for 40% OFF your entire purchase! @fitapproach #sweatpink

Which socks/sleeves do you own or plan on getting? Where do you or will you wear your PRO Compression socks and/or sleeves?

The Team in Training FUNdraising auction is open! Check out the Compression Sleeves and more!

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  1. I tried to get to be one of the people to review the PC sleeves, but they probably already knew that I have 9 pairs between socks and sleeves. HATERS.

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