Thank you Team In Training Marine Corps Marathon Sponsors!

The Marine Corps Marathon is tomorrow and I will be running with Team in Training’s National Capitol Area Chapter. While I am super excited about the race, I am nursing a recovering hamstring strain, so I am not sure how well things will go. I probably should have sat this one out, but it’s MARINE CORPS and I’ve raised a little over $1500 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, how can I not go out there and run with my team?

Team in Training

Don’t worry, I’m going to be smart about it. I haven’t done much running since the injury a few weeks ago and have been slowly increasing the load on my leg being very conscious about any pain experienced.

Once upon a time, I had high hopes of a 4 1/2 hr marathon, that then became a 5 hour goal and now I have thrown time goals out the window and just plan to go out and have a great time! My first marathon was a 5:47…anything faster than that will do…actually anything that gets me to the finish line, without re-injuring my hamstring too much, will do!

MCM Finish Line

With the race less than 24 hours away, Pablo and I headed to Packet-Pick Up and the Expo. We had originally planned to go on Friday to avoid the crowds, but work got in the way for both of us, so off we went on the busiest day.

It was busy!

MCM Lines

And it sucked.

Long lines boooo

Just kidding, it wasn’t too bad. The line moved quickly and the weather was beautiful, so while we had to be on our feet a little more than we wanted, it really wasn’t that bad.

Besides, I got to get off my feet for a little bit while we were in the expo, which made it all worthwhile.

Staying off my feet! Thank you marines!

See that blue tape? My plans to tape myself up got even better when I discovered that KT Tape actually had a booth at the Expo where they were taping people up for free!

KT Tape

Both Pablo (who’s been suffering from shin splints) and I (seriously, we stay injury-free all through Ironman training and get injured in the last few weeks of marathon training?) picked up our packets, got taped up for our injuries, picked up some nutrition, and headed out the door. There was a whole lot to see, but there was no expo wandering for us. We wanted to rest!

Marathon NutritionMarathon prep is a lot easier than triathlon prep! No transition bag, no multiple outfits, just nutrition and gear and you’re ready to go!

I will be wearing my purple Team in Training shirt tomorrow and a couple of nights ago I sat down and decorated my shirt with the names of all of the companies that sponsored me.

Team in Training Shirt 1

I featured each of the companies on my blog over the past few months (some are still coming up), but today I want to do a special shout out to each of them:

Team in Training Shirt 2

Team in Training Shirt 3

THANK YOU for donating items for my silent auction and raffle and helping me meet my $1500 fundraising goal! Tomorrow I will proudly wear my Team in Training shirt with your names on it and head out for a beautiful 26.2 mile run in the Nation’s Capitol!

Ready for 2014 MCM!

See you out there fellow racers! And if you need jewelry -sports-related, motivational or beautiful Caribbean inspired-, running shoes, foam rollers, workout clothes, transition towels or hydration bottles, sweatbands for your head or your hand or storage belts, my sponsors have it all for you!

Have you ever run with an injury? 

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