Tried It Tuesday: Bolder Band

It’s been a little while since I’ve done a Tried It Tuesday post, a while since I’ve posted actually! But I’m back this week with another Tried It Tuesday post about one of my awesome Team In Training Auction donors.

I’m actually super excited because, the auction and raffle were a huge success and with Marine Corps Marathon just 6 weeks away, I’ve met my $1500 fundraising goal! Thank you to everyone who bid and entered the raffle and to all the companies that donated items, including the awesome Bolder Band.

Bolder Bands

Be Bold, Beautiful, You!

Bolder Band was founded by Amy Crouse. As an active mom, she decided to create a band that would hold her hair back without falling off in the middle of a workout.  Bolder Bands can be worn multiple ways and come in fun colorful designs.

I wear mine when I go running, on the trainer and also wore it at Ironman Louisville and this past weekend at Ragnar DC. The first time I wore my Bolder Band as at my weekly run with Pacers. I normally feel totally disheveled, sweaty and ugly after my run. While I was still sweaty and disheveled after my run, I definitely felt cuter wearing my colorful Bolder Band.

Bolder Band

Bolder Band at Pacers Run

It has also stayed in place during most of my workouts, falling off only a few times, once when I wore it under my hat at Ironman Louisville and pulled my hat off too quickly (I was putting ice in my hat, so kept removing it at each aid station) and the other time when I wore it with my headlamp at Ragnar DC.

Bolder Band at Ragnar

Bolder Band at Ragnar

I really liked having my Bolder Band at Ragnar. If you haven’t heard of Ragnar, I have some race recaps coming up, but here are the basics: 12 people in 2 vans cover about 200 miles. It took our team about 32 hours to complete the race, 32 hours where I didn’t really get a chance to sleep, shower or brush my hair, so it was great to have a Bolder Band to keep my hair in check.

Bolder Bands are around $14-15 and come in a wide range of colors and designs. Check ’em out: Shop Bolder Band

Have you tried Bolder Bands?

Check back soon for my Ragnar DC adventures!

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