Tried It Tuesday: Kooee! Jerky Trail Mix

I have always loved learning about new products. When I was in college I joined a panel of product testers and tested all kinds of fun new products including a few that are still on the market today.

Now as a Sweat Pink and FitFluential ambassador I am back to trying new products. One of the products I recently got to try is a new product being funded on KickstarterKooee! Jerky Trail Mix


Trail mix and beef jerky are two of my favorite quick, healthy snacks, so when I discovered that Kooee! Super Snacks mixed the two, I was excited to have the opportunity to try their product out.

Kooee! Super Snacks sent me their 2 flavors and I just saw on their website that they have a third flavor coming soon!

Before even trying Kooee! Jerky Trail Mix, I knew I was going to love it because they use high quality delicious ingredients including 100% grass-fed beef, raw nuts and seeds and nutrient rich super foods like goji berries and cacao nibs.

Kooee! Jerky Trail Mix - Lime Pepper With Mango

These days I work 12-hour days a couple of times a week, which makes a high protein snack like Kooee! perfect for me!

I started with the Lime Pepper with Mango, because I love mango! I ripped open their cool RIP>PEEL>MIX pouch, which keeps the jerky in one compartment and the trail mix in the other until you open the bag, and mixed it all together.


The Lime Pepper with Mango Jerky Trail mix is a combination of jerky seasoned with cracked pepper and fresh lime juice, naturally sweet dried mango, a blend of crunchy nuts and seeds, and dried goji berries.

It was the perfect combination of sweet and salty and I snacked on the package throughout the afternoon. Not only did it taste great, I was happy knowing I was getting 21 grams of protein and 15% of my iron intake despite the fact that I barely had time to sit and eat (not the daily schedule I recommend, but let’s admit it, we all have crazy days!)

Kooee! Jerky Trail Mix Smoked Chipotle with Apple

The other flavor I got to try was the Smoked Chipotle with Apple which is a blend of smoky, chipotle inspired beef jerky, naturally dried apple slices, raw nuts and seeds, and antioxidant-rich cacao nibs.

While the Lime Pepper with Mango is definitely my favorite, the Smoked Chipotle with Apple packs a nice punch between the sweetness of the apple and the smoky spiciness of the jerky.


Kooee! Super Snacks are not available in stores yet, but you can pre-order by supporting them on Kickstarter. They’ve reached their $10K goal, so production is a go, which is super exciting! They are now aiming to reach $20K by October 30 and are offering each backer of $15 or more one extra FREE pack of their snacks!

Check ’em out, back ’em up, order them online (coming soon) and keep an eye out for them at your local stores. I hope they come out with more fun flavors, but I’ll definitely by buying some of the Lime Pepper with Mango. Yum!

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