Woah, 4 weeks to my first 2015 Oly!

So I’m out of shape. I’m not just out of Ironman shape, I’m out of all swim, bike, run shape…and I have exactly 4-weeks to get myself back in shape or risk having my first Oly of 2015 kick my butt more than my 1st 140.6 did!

My other half is in perfect shape. He’s 5 weeks from his first 70.3 of the season and is wrapping up what I can only assume must be peak-week with a 55-mile bike, 7-mile run brick yesterday and a 14-mile run today. Guess which one of us is trying to be a more competitive age-grouper this year?


While I won’t be able to keep up with him in training, I am going to use his drive and dedication to motivate me, because…I’ll be honest…my motivation is little low these days. Despite my lack of motivation, I am excited about having 2015 goal races.

I haven’t trained for shorter distance races in a while. My last Oly was the 2013 ChesapeakeMan Bugeye Classic! That race doesn’t exist anymore, but it was in the same town as Eagleman and Ironman Maryland (I’ve been considering doing Eagleman with my Team in Training athletes).

The swim at ChesapeakeMan was the first time I had tackled 1.2 miles and while it was a tough swim full of chop and jellies, it was a fun swim.

ChesapeakeMan SwimThe bike and run were flat, windy on the bike and hot on the run, but like all of my other triathlons, it was AMAZING!

ChesapeakeMan Finish

Ah, okay, here’s that motivation I was missing. I mean look at my face in those pictures. How could I not be excited that triathlon season is upon us. I look happy, I was happy, I AM happy!

ChesapeakMan Bugeye 2013

So what’s the plan with only 4-weeks left?

  • Swim 2 days a week
  • Bike 3-4 days per week
  • Run 3-4 days per week

It’s refreshing to know I can train for an Oly on only 30-90 min per day. At this time in my life, that’s really all I have to give to training, but that’s the beauty of the sprint and olympic distances, it doesn’t have to change your everyday routine, you can squeeze the training in around a busy lifestyle.

So four weeks with a base of ~1250m swimming, 45-60min biking and 2 mile running. I don’t think I’ll break any records on race day, but I’ll be there and I’m going to get it done!

How’s your training going? Ready for you first 2015 race?


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