5 Reasons to Run a Marathon

It’s the 2014 Marine Corps Marathon weekend and I am super excited to #RunWithTheMarines and with Team in Training!

If you’ll be out on the course with me, I wish you a fabulous run! The weather is supposed to be beautiful, the DC sights and crowds are awesome and the course entertainment line-up is looking fabulous too!

2014 MCM Mile Markers. (From: Marine Corpos Marathon - Official Page https://www.facebook.com/MarineCorpsMarathon)

2014 MCM Mile Markers. (From: Marine Corpos Marathon – Official Page)

If that’s not enough to get you excited about running a marathon, I’m linking-up with Cynthia, Courtney and Mar for Friday Five and sharing why I think it’s absolutely worth signing up, training and racing a marathon!


1. Motivation: Trying to lose weight, increase your fitness and be more consistent about working out, but having trouble staying motivated? Setting a goal can help you achieve all these things and setting a long term goal, like training for a marathon, can help you stay motivated and on track to becoming healthier, especially if you use a structured training plan that also focuses on decreasing risk of injury and increasing proper nutrition. As your motivation fluctuates, you can just focus on sticking to the plan and before you know it, you’ll  be changing your life!

Person We Become

2. Inspiration: Whether you are raising money for a cause or just going out there and running for yourself, you will feel inspired by your accomplishments and the accomplishments of those around you. Throughout your journey, you will also undoubtably inspire others. People might start working out and running because of you. People might start dreaming bigger because of you. People might start discovering their own physical and mental strength because of you.


3. Strength: Training for, and racing, a marathon won’t just increase your physical strength, it will increase your mental strength too. During training and on race day, you will battle demons and if you persevere and continue on, if you reach the finish line despite all the obstacles you find along the way, you will know that you can do anything you set your mind to!


4. Gratitude: Training for a marathon increases your gratitude for your loved ones and friends, who stick with you even though all you can talk about is training, eating and being tired. You will also feel an immense sense of gratitude for all the organizers, volunteers, spectators and fellow runners on race day. More importantly, you will feel gratitude towards you own body and its ability to endure all the training you’re going through and bring you to a place you didn’t dare dream of before.


5.  Happiness: Race day is the victory lap for all the hard work and training you have put in. There is something amazing about lining up with thousands of strangers and agreeing to tackle a physically and mentally challenging endeavor together. Whether you’re front of the pack or back of the pack, 26.2 miles will challenge and delight you all at the same time. You will feel exhausted, you might feel defeated and your muscles will ache and at the same time running those miles and crossing that finish line will be one of the happiest moments of your life, because YOU DID IT.

You put in all the hard work, you fought through the difficult miles and YOU DID IT. There just aren’t any words that can describe that happiness.

So what are your reasons for running a marathon?

    • Me neither Lacey! I am recovering from an injury, but super excited! Have a blast and if you see me come say hi! (Might be a bit hard given the size of MCM, but I’ll be in a purple Team in Training shirt covered in logos).

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