EveryMove Giveaway: Good Things Come to Those Who Sweat

Ironman Louisville is officially 5 weeks away and these next 2 weeks are going to be the most intensive training weeks on our schedule. In the next 2 weeks we’ll swim 16,500 meters (about 10 miles), bike 225 miles and run close to 70 miles. I don’t know about you, but those numbers are scary!

Then again, that’s Ironman training and I knew what I was signing up for when I hit that register button last October!


Luckily, I’ve got a few things to motivate me through these next two weeks:

Eat-sleep-swim-bike-run-repeat---triathlonFirst, I love to swim, bike and run and really do enjoy spending my days eating, sleeping, swimming, biking, running and repeating it all.

On days I may not be as motivated or for those really long workouts, I know I have friends and awesome training partners and I am always recruiting more! This includes DC Tri friends, Team in Training buddies and you! If you’re in the DC Metro Area and want to swim, bike or run, contact me!

Then, I’ve got two awesome apps: Mizuno Baton and EveryMove. I’ll tell you more about the Mizuno Baton next week, but this week I want to tell you all about EveryMove.

I joined EveryMove in January of 2013, so I’ve been using EveryMove for quite some time. When I saw the opportunity to review the app through Girls Gone Sporty, I couldn’t resist! As a veteran EveryMove user, I have had time to explore all of the apps features and grow with the company through its various updates. Considering I’m still with them a year and a half later, they’re obviously doing something right!


What’s EveryMove?
EveryMove is a free app that lets you earn points for hundreds of activities, from running to yoga to yard work. They take tracking your activities to a whole new level by rewarding you! You earn points for all your activities and can earn rewards in the form of discounts and free gifts from various health-conscious and startup brands. Sounds fun right?


How do you use EveryMove?
First, join online or download the app for iPhone or Android. Once you’ve got an account, using EveryMove is super simple. When I first downloaded the app I was entering most of my activities manually. While I’ll occasionally still do this, EveryMove has since linked up with a bunch of Apps & Devices including Garmin Connect (where most of my workout data comes from), MyFitnessPal, Fitbit, Jawbone Up, Nike+, Strava and more (just click the Apps & Devices button).

Now I literally go out for my workout and next thing I know my workout has been uploaded to EveryMove and I’ve earned points! Yesterday after my 36-mile bike ride, my Garmin 910XT synched with Garmin Connect on my computer, and just like that I had earned 113 points.


What can you do with the points?
On EveryMove, sweat is rewarded with badges, levels, active day bonuses, offers from brands, and charitable donation opportunities. Good Things Come to Those Who Sweat! The harder you work, the more points you get and the quicker you earn rewards!

photoSince joining EveryMove, I’ve donated over $25 to charity and gotten discounts from awesome companies like OrangeMudSkora, and Scott James Jewelry.

I don’t like the Reward options, why should I use EveryMove?
I’m not gonna lie, some months, the rewards are better than others and sometimes I haven’t found rewards that motivate me.

EveryMove has solutions for that: You can use the “Request It” button and send them ideas for rewards and if none of the rewards grab your attention, you typically have at least one or two charitable donation options.

At first I was bummed that they only donate $1 for every 500 points, but considering that I earn about 3500 points a month that’s $7 donated to charity, all with minimal effort on my part…well except the hard work and sweating of course!

Sweat my way to 330 points during my double brick!

I sweat my way to 330 points during my double brick!

Another option I’m loving is the option to connect with friends to cheer each other on. You can give 3 of your friends points whenever you have active days AND you can compete to be at the top of the leaderboards. Ain’t no harm in some friendly competition, right? I even compete with the people in my city (you can filter your leaderboards for friends, city, everyone)…although I’m pretty sure that’s a one-sided competition, because I don’t even know if half of them realize we’re competing!

The best news?
As my Momentum Jewelry Giveaway comes to an end, I’ve got a brand new giveaway for you; an amazing EveryMove Prize Pack!

EveryMove Prize Pack1


The Prize Pack Includes:

Yep, one of you can will all of that from EveryMove! What are you waiting for?! Enter today!

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    • Cool! It’s a fun app. Fun way to motivate yourself, see your workouts translated into points and earn some fun stuff. Let me know what you think of it!

  1. HOLY CROW 5 WEEKS???? :& (that is a face/mouth in a knot smiley. Not to be confused with this: : {D which is a mustachio’d smiley, in case you were wondering). I can’t believe you are so close, and I am so, so excited for you!
    I have considered Everymove, but my problem is that I don’t wear a fitbit on the regular, and I’m kind of weird about fitness trackers, although I could make mad cash off of them. Can someone else log for me????

    • I know 5 weeks! 2 intense weeks and then we taper. It’s so insane! I don’t wear a Fitbit but I am pretty attached to my Garmin. Do you use MyFitnessPal to log meals and workouts? It’s transfers workouts from there over too.
      And lol on the smileys. Love them!

  2. I joined EveryMove last month but I honestly forgot about it! I mainly use Sparkpeople for all of my tracking and it’s not on the list 🙁 But I can still manually upload and it’s worth it for some rewards!

    • When I didn’t have devices/apps that synched up I added manually based on my motivation for rewards. The automation def helps me earn more points! I wonder if you can contact EveryMove and see if Sparkpeople can be added…

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    • You said it just right! Inspiring us to move and sweat. I’m not always a big fan of shopping and wish some of the rewards were 100% free (every now and then some are), but being rewarded and encourage to move, you can’t argue with that! I really like it especially with more friends!

    • Take a look at it Helga. If you use tracking devices it’s super easy, but it’s personal preference really. Now with all the new friends I’m also feeling a sense of accountability!

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