Favorite Winter Activities

I love swimming, biking and running and you’ll still find me in the pool, on my trainer or out bundled up on the roads for a run, but the Fall and Winter months are for indulging in other interests!

For many of my friends this includes disappearing t0 the slopes every weekend, but I’m an island girl…while I don’t mind heading to the mountains a couple of times, I’ve got a list of other things I can do right in the cozy comfort of my own home. These activities aren’t cold-weather specific and I try to partake in them throughout the year, but I find them especially wonderful when it’s cold outside!

Favorite Winter Activities

1. Yoga & Meditation:
Winter is always my time to head to various workout classes and try out new activities. It’s also the perfect time to work out in the warm cozy comfort of your own home whether it’s a quick morning meditation, a relaxing yin sequence or a flow routine. I’ve had the luxury of having 3-months free My Yoga Online by GAIAM TV, so this Fall/Winter I’m been taking advantage of all of the yoga videos they offer (They’ve actually got a fun 12 days of yoga video series that started today!)

Yoga & Meditation

2. Do-It-Yourself Crafts:
I have finally had time to return to some of the crafts I started a year ago. Yes, you read that right, a year ago! Ironman training consumed all of my time this year and while I already miss it, I’m also excited that my t-shirt rug may actually become a reality in the near future!


I also love knitting in the winter. While living in Connecticut a few years ago, I start knitting and now it is one of my go-to winter evening activities. I’ve made hats, gloves, scarves, and I jut started my first pair of socks!

How did I learn to knit? Free online patterns and YouTube tutorials of course!


3. Reading on the couch:
Ever since I was a kid I’ve always been a bookworm, so it’s not surprising that nights and weekends on the couch with a book are part of my happy place. I love reading fiction, but also love delving into run and triathlon related books and blogs, behavior analysis and coaching books and foodie books and blogs. Any suggestions for my reading list this winter?


4. Experimenting in the Kitchen: I love experimenting in the kitchen, whether I’m learning to make bread or yogurt or experimenting with homemade household and beauty products, I can spend hours in the kitchen trying out new recipes. If you follow me on Instagram, you know my latest experiment is making cheese! I started with Camembert and they should be ready to eat any day now!


5. Hanging out with friends and family:
Workouts, dinners, movies, hikes, holidays and getaways. Everything is always more fun with friends!

And a bonus favorite cold-weather activity: traveling!!

Holiday Travels

Before I met Pablo I would also spend my Christmas and New Year’s in Curacao. Since meeting Pablo our winter travel adventures have include trips to Curacao, Costa Rica, Berlin, France and St.Maarten. While we do occasionally stay home for the holidays, we definitely love having getaways planned during the winter months!

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What are you favorite Winter activities? Any fun DIY activities I should give a try?

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