Friday Favorites: Busy Day Essentials

Happy Friday! TGIF has a whole new meaning for me today, because I have honestly never been happier to see Friday.

Smile. It's Friday!

I am so glad it’s Friday, because it marks the end of an insane 7 weeks of working too many jobs while simultaneously increasing my Ironman training load. Waking up to be in the pool by 6am, then going from job to job until 9:30pm and then attempting to blog and take care of the house…yeah, there was only so long that was going to last.

Yesterday when a client, who plans to start 14-hr/day workweeks, asked if burnout was real I could speak from firsthand experience. Burnout is very real and when you burnout, it’s no good for you or anyone around you, so always make time to take care of you! I knew I’d burnout and had already made the choice to leave one of my contracts, but the way things lined up, I had no choice but to have jobs overlap for a little bit.

Today marks the end of that overlap and I am definitely celebrating! I’m also joining up with Housewife Glamour for her Friday Favorites Link-Up and giving a special shout out to the 5-things that helped me survive June.


1. Bagels – Panera bagels specifically. Not what you expected? Well here’s a little secret…on Tuesdays Panera has a $6.99 baker’s dozen special. When you’re Ironman training and constantly moving, a bagel is an awesome way to get in some calories on the move. It’s not the healthiest food choice in the world, but between the fast food options I encounter along my route or a bagel, I’d take the bagel any day! Most days I’d just take the bagel and some cream cheese with me, but on the days I had time to enjoy a bagel at home, I’d spoil myself with a delicious whole wheat salmon, lettuce and avocado bagel. Yum!IMG_3797

2. Vitamix – People laugh when I say this, but during intense training weeks, I am hungry all the time and after a while you get tired of eating! Or at least…tired of chewing, which is when my amazing Vitamix comes in handy. Whether it was blending a morning smoothie, bedtime smoothie, or throwing beets, berries, spinach and coconut water into the blender for a midday snack, the Vitamix saved the day many times these past few weeks.


Drinking your calories is also an awesome way to go when you eat a millions times a day, but don’t have a lot of meal breaks. I wish I had a portable Vitamix, but I don’t need that anymore, at least not in July, because I will be working from home a lot in July and I cannot wait!

3. Portable Battery Charger – I bought these things on a whim during a trip to Costco…you know how it goes, you go in for one thing come out with 20 things, but this impulse buy was actually brilliant!

photo-4Each of these chargers can recharge your phone twice and when you’re out of the house for 14-15 hours at a time, using your phone a lot for work, play and relaxation (hello Happify 2-5 minute Serenity Scene meditation), your battery will drain and these chargers save the day!

IMG_58504. Coffee – Yep, you knew that was coming. If you read my previous caffeine post, you know I love me some coffee. Cafe Britt’s dark roast and espresso are my favorites. I might be biased because I’m married to a Costa Rican, but Cafe Britt makes some delicious coffee and I depended on it every morning once I finished my caffeine for performance enhancement experiment (I still owe you a post on that)!

5. Energems – I was sent some Energems to test and review and was so happy to have them around these past 7 weeks. Energems are like gigantic caffeinated M&Ms. Three Energems equals one cup of coffee. Each packet contains 3 cups of coffee. I tested each of their flavors, Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Mint, and I liked them all (lucky me those are 3 of my favorite flavors!)

IMG_4246At $2.83/box I also thought it was a pretty affordable way to get your caffeine boost…you can’t buy 3 cups of Starbucks for $2.83! It’s also a good way to get your caffeine and a little chocolate fix without too many additional calories or sugars.

While I still prefer a regular cup of coffee, I’m going to keep Energems around, because they’re useful when you are on the move and just don’t have access to coffee.

IMG_4242I also really like that you can choose your own dose. On days where I was a little tired, but didn’t want too much caffeine in the afternoon, I would just take 1 or 2 Energems, and on days where I was exhausted and working until 9:30pm, I’d up my intake. Everything is better in moderation, so I really liked being able to control my intake.

Of course I also could not have survived these past 7 weeks without my amazing husband! He took care of most household chores and stayed patient with me when I’d come home hangry and tired. Thank you amor, you rock!

How was your June? Hectic like mine or are you enjoying a relaxing Summer? 

  1. I am so glad that you said portable charger! It is something that my company is going to include in our welcome packets for clients, so I will have to let him know it gets the seal of approval!
    And how about I trade your Vitamix for my blender…It also food processes! Alex will never know! Nor will Pablo!

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