Friday Five: 5 Places I’d Like to Run

When I saw that today’s Friday Five topic was 5 places I’d like to run, I couldn’t resist! I have always loved to travel and I love using races and conferences as an excuse to travel to new places, which is why I’m writing this from my hotel room in Chicago where I have both a conference and a 10-mile race this weekend!

One of my goals is to visit every country (or as many as possible) during my lifetime and I’d probably enjoy a run in most of those places, but since I can only choose 5, here are a few of the places I’d like to run:

gwchina1. Great Wall of China – I flew all the way to Stockholm for my first marathon, because I wanted to combine travel and racing. I mean what better way to see a city than running 26.2 miles in it? While I said I’d never run a marathon again, I researched cool places to run after completing Stockholm and the Great Wall of China marathon has been on my bucket list ever since.

grandcanyon5002. Grand Canyon – A few of my friends are heading to the Grand Canyon in October to run the Canyon. At first I thought they were crazy, but now I kind of want to go with them. I mean running the Grand Canyon, doesn’t that sound awesome?

IMG_63283. Chicago – I booked an early flight to Chicago, so I would have time to swim and run. I had seen on You Signed Up For What’s list of five places that she’d like to run in Chicago and now I understand why!

I went out on the Lakefront Trail and had a wonderful 5.5 mile run. It was sunny and beautiful and I give Chicago 2 thumbs up for being run, walk and bike friendly!


IMG_56914. Miami – As I ran by the lake in Chicago today, all I wanted was to jump in, which made me think of our trip to North Miami Beach a few weeks ago. I loved running by the beach there, because it’s beautiful AND you can dive right into the ocean after your run!

DSC023525. Curacao – What kind of island girl would I be if my list did not include at least one island and of course it has to be my own wonderful Curacao!

Whether it’s a run through our beautiful downtown, Punda, or near the beach at Janthiel, I always have a good time and most of those runs are of course followed by a trip to the beach, preferably right around happy hour!IMG_4062

So, what are some of your favorite places to have a swim, bike and run?

  1. I love running in Chicago! hoping to get on in in a few weeks. And Curacao sounds amazing! I had a friend invite me on a last minute trip there last fall but couldn’t get the time off work. AH!!

  2. I love Chicago too! It’s so gorgeous and is totally bike, runner friendly. But I have no desire to run in Miami ever again. I know it’s beautiful near the beach, but it is so darn hot in South Florida. I’m a wimp when it comes to the heat. I’m a Florida native, so maybe I should move to a cooler climate.

    • It is really hot, but I’m training for Ironman Louisville (late Summer 90s), so I was all about running in the hot Miami weather….and there’s just nothing like jumping in the ocean after a run! Although, maybe Maine should’ve been on my list too, I was there a few summers ago and the weather is just amazing!

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