Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for The Crafters On Your List


I love DIY projects, so if you have a crafter on your holiday shopping list, then you’ll love this edition of Lean Green Island Girl’s Holiday Gift Guide, because I’ve put together some of the best gifts for the Do-It-Yourself Craftsy person on your list!

Gifts for the Knitter:
Every knitter can use more yarn and two of my favorite stores for yarn are Penelope’s Fine Yarns and Larkspur Funny Farm & Fibers $5-20. You can also find loads of patterns on Etsy like these cute fingerless gloves by Pepperberry Knits or a flower headband from McLaughlin Designs for $5. And if you’re knitter is just getting started check out Rachel Made It where I got most of my knitting needles. She has a wide range of double pointed needles and circular needles for $4.50-5.


You can also head to and get your knitter kits which include yarn and a pattern for a wide range of items such as boot liners for $16.30,  a scarf for $20.75 or socks for $22.40.

Gifts for the Gardener:
A few gardening gifts I’ve given and received over the years that always go over well are 1. a mushroom grow kit which ranges from $19.95 at Uncommon Goods to a larger $42 box at, 2. a window farm $175.95, 3. garden decorations like these Faucet Handle Flowers $29.95, 4. gardening ornaments like the garden girl and greenhouse $20-$25 each or 5. you can gift the gift of free labor which I always appreciate when spring rolls around and it’s time to get the garden ready for a new season!


Gifts for the Photographer:
If you can afford to give the photographer on your list an expensive gift, find out what lens they don’t have and get that for them (I for example have been eyeing a fish eye, hint hint). Looking for something less expensive? Check out‘s photography classes ranging from $24.99-49.99.  Or for under $20, you can head to Etsy and get them this awesome photography tote $16.99, this cute Capture Life necklace $15 or this fun flash people mug $13!


Gifts for the Crafter:
Getting the right gifts for the craftsy person on your list can be tricky, because they often already have all the tools they need or may be working on projects that you are unaware of.

How can you get them a gift they’ll love without getting them something they don’t need? Check out their Pinterest boards, pick a project they’ve got on their wish list and get them all the materials they need to start their next craft!

For example if they’re into making their own beauty products, why not print out the directions for some homemade lip balm, get them all the materials they need, i.e. coconut oil, beeswax, honey, an essential oil and lip balm tins, and you’ve got one awesome gift!

DIY LipBalm

Or they may have a race bib & medal holder on their Pinterest board for which you can buy them all their supplies! With Pinterest, the possibilities are endless!

Any other gift ideas for DIY crafters on your list? Any DIY activities you’ve been wanting to try?


2014 Holiday Gift Guide

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