Spring is back and so am I!

Like Spring I’ve been MIA for quite some time, unlike Spring I promise I have some very good reasons! More importantly, I’M BACK and I have a race calendar!

But first things first…where have I been?

If you only read this blog for triathlon purposes, this post may be a little boring, but I’m writing it anyways, because I want to share some exciting updates in my life and hopefully inspire you to set big goals and work hard at achieving them not just in the sports world, but in every aspect of your life!


Yep, you guessed it, I have been off doing just that!

This winter while I was recovering from a torn hamstring I took time to focus on some other goals:

Some of my goals were triathlon focused, like my decision to become and RRCA Run Coach and join the Team in Training Ironman Coaching Team! My co-coach Tracey and I have been hard at work collaborating with the TNT Ironman Georgia Team to get our TNT Capital Team ready for their first Ironman!

TNT Coach

But most of my off-season has been focused on something I am very very proud of: setting up and expanding my private practice, Behavior Basics, in Northern Virginia!

While I initially ran the practice full-time in North Carolina, I switched to part-time when we moved to Virginia and took a full-time job at a different place. Last June however, I decided that job was not right for me. I needed flexibility to finish school (which I am doing in 3 weeks! YAY!) and more importantly I missed running my practice, supervising/training staff and working with clients.

So I took the leap!


I set some goals and here I am, end of the 1st Quarter of 2015 and right on target! I’ve hired some amazing staff and I am currently hiring again. I’m also looking for another office location and I’m continuing to expand the services we provide.

In case you haven’t read My Story, I’m a Licensed Behavior Analyst, or in normal people speak, I’m a Behavior Coach. Basically, my work focuses on helping individuals, families & organizations take the actions necessary to change current behaviors, reduce undesired behaviors and acquire new and healthy behaviors using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. If you want to learn more, check out our website.

When I started my practice, things went well, but I was afraid of growth. I had seen other companies grow and more often than not that growth was accompanied by negative reviews and a decline in the quality of services provided. Additionally, while Behavior Analysts can practice in many fields, I’d seen us start to get niched and I didn’t like that, because I had a much bigger vision for my practice.

Over the past 6 months, I finally had the courage to transition that vision into reality and I think my Ironman journey played a big role in that decision!

Choosing a goal

Choosing an immense goal like 140.6, sticking to it and achieving it, truly does change everything. It changes you not just mentally and physically, but if you let it, it can change your entire outlook on your life and your dreams.

I’m not quite ready to share all the new additions to the practice with you, but a lot of good things are happening at Behavior Basics in 2015!

CelebrateAccomplishmentsThe finish line is far away, but that doesn’t even matter, because at this point I’m just celebrating each of the mile markers as we pass them and I can tell you this, if you have a dream, if you have a passion, don’t let anything stop you.

Know that it’s not going to be easy, you will encounter road blocks, but it IS possible and it is so so worth it every time you achieve one of the small goals you set for yourself, one of the small goals that is slowly helping you make that big, once impossible, dream a reality!


What are some of your big goals you dream of achieving?

If you ever feel like you need support translating those dreams into attainable goals, remember Behavior Basics is here for you!


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