My Awesome Workout Partners

Today’s My Inspiration is dedicated to two people who have continuously motivated me during this Ironman training journey: my awesome workout partners Pablo and Cat.

In January, I wrote on my old blog “I typically like working out alone and have always looked at those Find a Workout Partner articles and thought, not me, I don’t really need a partner…well, I was wrong, because over the last few weeks I have come to really appreciate my workout partners.” Since that post, I appreciate my workout partners even more!

Besides making exercising more fun, workout partners also significantly increase the likelihood that you’ll actually work out. Maybe it’s the fact that you don’t want to disappoint your partner, or maybe it’s just better to run 15 miles when you know someone else is doing it too.


“We train together to make each other great” -Kara Goucher

A partner also pushes you to work a little harder. When you workout alone it’s easy to slack off or convince yourself you’ve reached your max, but with a partner you’ll push yourself just a little harder and longer.

My partners do all of that for me!

Pablo has been my amazing workout partner through this whole journey…through our entire relationship actually. From Climate Ride in 2009 (a 5-day bike ride), to half marathon training, to triathlons all the way up to our upcoming iron distance, he motivates me every day, not only to do the workouts but also to be a better person.


Even when we’re not together, he still finds ways to motivate me!

I still remember the day in January when I first recognized the importance of workout partners. It was 9 degrees (-22 Celsius) and we had a date with the pool.

IMG_3980I was not in the mood for it, so Pablo let me sleep in an extra 30 minutes and then nagged me to get up. At the time, I was very grumpy with him, but 750 meters into the swim, I was so grateful that he had forced me to stay on track. This Ironman wasn’t going to train for itself!

This weekend I was again reminded why workout partners are important. If you read my Saturday post, you know I was struggling to find motivation. I actually cried while I was on the trainer, because I was overcome with self-doubt. Where had my motivation gone? Could I make it through training? Did I have it in me to actually finish the Ironman? 

Lucky for me, Pablo was right there and he talked me back on track. One day at a time, he said. Just because you’re off this week, doesn’t mean you won’t make it. Of course I knew he was right (a little bit of Serenity Scene meditation from Happify later in the day, definitely helped me calm my crazy mind), but in that moment, it was all too much.


Then there’s Cat. I am so lucky to have met Cat!


Our 65-mile ride last month.

We discovered early in the season that we ride about the same pace and Cat has been there on some of my toughest training weekends.

Yesterday we headed out on an 82-mile bike ride followed by a 4-mile run. Cat, mind you, is doing half distances this year, yet she decided to join me for my 80-miler and I could not be happier. Having her there the entire time…there just aren’t words.

Yesterday’s 82-mile ride to the end of the W&OD.

Thanks Pablo for motivating me every day and picking me up every time I fall apart! And thanks Catherine for pushing me to the end of the W&OD and back. I could not do this without you two!

Who are your workout partners? Join me on twitter, Facebook and Instagram today and thank your #workoutpartner!

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