Races are my biggest motivator!

Race Schedule
Knowing I am training with a goal, keeps me going every day! Here’s my 2014 Race Schedule. I’m currently working on my 2015 Race Schedule.

Race The States
Recently after dragging my parents to 3 extra states while we were in Tennessee and Kentucky, I decided my goal to visit all 50 states would be more fun if I did a race in every state. I couldn’t decide if I wanted it to be a half marathon or tri, so I decided any distance run or triathlon would count and so Race The States was born. SO since I have quite some states to cover, what are your favorite, must-do, can’t-miss races?


Looking for a race?
5 Reasons to Sign up For a Marathon. Track my Race The States progress or check out my Race Reports & Results. I’ve raced mostly on the East Coast, but also traveled across the Atlantic for my first marathon in Stockholm, Sweden and I hope to do a lot more international travel-racing in the future (maybe someday it’ll be Race The World!)

Want to join Race The States?
Interactive features coming soon, but definitely Contact Me, so we can talk race options!

Getting ready for a race?
Here’s my Race Day Running Checklist, my Must-Have Triathlon Gear and some of my Long Run Essentials.


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