Ragnar DC Part 4: The Finish!

Ragnar Relay – Washington DC
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I ended Part 3 by telling you how delicious a burger and a milkshake sounded at midnight and I can tell you they tasted delicious too!

The Creamery was busy when we arrived with vans parked everywhere, runners meeting up with their teams, chowing down on burgers, drinking milkshakes and sleeping wherever they could lay down a sleeping bag.

We found our Van 2 teammates who were decked out in lights and ready to go. Our 6th runner arrived with a smile on his face despite a tough leg and off went Van 2 running the night away. Van 1 headed over to get burgers and milkshakes and then all everyone wanted was to get some rest.


It might be a no swim or bike day, but we definitely had been doing a lot of running and needed a little bit of sleep. As everyone dozed off Pablo drove almost 40 minutes to the next exchange. I tried to stay awake, but would fall asleep, then be jolted awake by Siri as she told us which direction to go next. By 1am we were parked and finding places to sleep. Half of us slept in the van and the other half laid their sleeping bags out on the grass where many other Ragnarians were sleeping.

I didn’t sleep very much, waking up every hour to check on Van 2 (they were sending me texts and I kept responding to them, so they kept sending them). I should’ve slept, but I was excited to hear about their progress, it’s Ragnar!

Sometime between 4:15 and 4:30am, I got a text from Van 2 that Matt, Runner 12, was starting and I decided to give up on sleep and prepare myself for my last leg.


Matt arrived right on time and off I went on my last leg. As I ran it dawned on me that this was my last leg, I slowed down to take a pictures and send it to my parents who cheered me on from Curacao.


I also stopped to snap a picture of the “One More Mile” sign. Seeing that sign on my last‬ leg was bittersweet because I was happy to be finishing but sad it was going to end. My only wish at that point was that I could’ve been in both vans….

IMG_7852But there wasn’t a lot time to feel sad or stop for pictures. I wanted to have another fast run and of course make a few more kills. I made 3 kills and took a good amount of time off my predicted time. I actually arrived so quickly, the next runner wasn’t ready! But no worries, within 30 seconds she was at the exchange and off on her last leg.

Then it was Pablo’s turn, but not before he had a chat with the Ragnarsaurus!


He ran his miles and we celebrated the completion of the first 3 runners.


When Runner 5 headed off on his leg, we went into the Subway got some breakfast, coffee and did some quick baby wipe cleansing (I was brought back to my days of train travel in Europe where baby wipe showers happened every other day!), then we got back on the road.


Remember how I said I wished I’d been able to be with both Van 1 and Van 2? Well, apparently Van 2 agreed and when we got to our last big exchange, they told us they had misplaced their keys. The search was on for the keys, but after we looked almost everywhere and couldn’t find them, my problem solving brain went into high gear.

We held Runner 6 back for a few minutes while we solidified a plan: Pablo and I would head out with Van 2 and I would get my time with Van 2 after all!

Runner 6 headed out and Van 1 took the stuff they needed out of the van and we went on our way. We dropped Runner 7 off and made her promise to run slow (how often do you tell a runner to slow down? Lol).

IMG_7906Then we dropped off Runner 8 and headed to pick up Van 2’s spare keys (one pro of living close to the course!) We tracked Van 2’s progress and decided to drop Runner 9 off before heading back to the exchange.

Before we could send Van 2 off, we had 1 more mini-adventure…Van 2 needed a jump!


As they headed out to pick up their runners and meet up with Runner 9, we headed to National Harbor to celebrate our hard work, and wait for Van 2 to arrive.

What do you do while you wait?


Get dressed up of course!

We tried to hide from the rain, but when you’re wearing orange pigtails and a mustache, you just end up looking silly.





It was pouring by now, so we knew Matt would be running fast and for a minute I was scared Van 2 would not arrive on time. BUT, they got there in the pouring rain and when Matt showed up we all crossed the finish line together!


We did an “official” Team Together We Tri medal ceremony.



Wohooo, we did it!


And then it was time to head to the beer tent to eat our pizzas, drinks some beers and devour some delicious donuts, including a yummy maple bacon donut!


Everyone was pooped, so we said out goodbyes and headed home at which point I promptly passed out under my beautiful new blanket!


We did it! 2 vans, 12 people, 200 miles, lots of sunshine, a little bit of rain, some unplanned adventures and lots of lots of fun.

I would do it again in a heartbeat! So so so much fun!


Have you done a Ragnar? Which one did you do? Or if you haven’t done one, what do you think? Are you up for one?

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