Riding Outdoors, It Doesn’t Get Better Than That!

Training has not been going as planned. Since posting my training schedule 2 weeks ago, I’ve only swam once and biked 3 times. My run count for April is still at 0. Yikes, with race day just 2 weeks away realistically I may step down to the Sprint, which is okay, because at least I’ll be racing again!

I guess you can say I’ve been struggling with finding work-life balance. That’s life though isn’t it? There’s always something going on and you have to make time for the things that matter.


So this morning I headed out with my Team in Training 70.3 and Ironman team  I may be their coach, but they are much further ahead in their mileage than I am! Lucky for me it was a recovery week for them, so I got a chance to put in a solid 60 minutes of road time…

And I am so happy that I did!

TNT RideIf you’re in DC/MD/VA and haven’t been out to the Potomac-Poolesville area for your riding, you should! River road alone can challenge you for a good 15 miles and then there’s always the hills on MacArthur, River and Sugarloaf to get your heart rate pumping. Many clubs, including my beloved DC Tri Club ride there on the weekends and while some cars are jerks, most of them are pretty good about sharing the road.

Today there were tons of cyclists out on the road, the weather was beautiful and it felt sooo good to be back out on the road.  There is a reason we do this….Maybe it’s for PRs, maybe it’s for fitness or maybe it’s because it feels amazing to be out on the road powering yourself forward with nothing but your own legs.

TNT Team

How do you feel about riding outdoors? Why do you ride?

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  1. I ride because I love being out (especially on a gorgeous day) challenging myself while appreciating the fact that I am able to do just that!

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