And the running season begins…

With my pseudo-triathlon season behind me, I’ve started focusing on running, half-marathon training to be specific. I haven’t decided which race I’m going to do yet, but it will be either the Annapolis Classic or Philly Half Marathon, or maybe I’ll do both, although they are on the same weekend…but I’m always up for a new challenge!

As part of my training, I’m using my PEAR Sports App, a smart training HR-based system that coaches you in real time. You basically put on your heart rate monitor, open the app, pick a workout, set-up your music and a coach walks you through your workout.

Note this is not a sponsored post, I just love my PEAR Sports.

This is not a sponsored post, I just love PEAR!

I’ve also started heading back to the track, which is totally worth it, when you can catch a sunrise like this one.

TrackJoggingStrollerAnd I’ve added a new item to my running routine, and let me tell you, running moms, hats off to you!

Running with a jogging stroller is hard!

It definitely made the time
go faster, as my friend’s 2-year-old continuously labeled everything he saw and would look up at me with a big smile every time I picked up the pace, but my arms are feeling it and Rinny, the voice on the PEAR Sports workout I was using, kept telling me I was above my target heart rate.

I always admired the Moms on The Run groups and all the moms (and dads!) I saw out running at impressive speeds with their jogging strollers and now that I’ve tried it for myself, I’m even more impressed.

My friend and her husband let me know I can pick up their kiddo any day for a run and I’m thinking this could become a fun routine, so now I just have to figure out a way to make it work with my crazy work schedule….but I’m determined to race at least 3 halves this Fall/Winter (looking at the Key West 13.1 in January), so time for running will have to be made!

What does your fall race schedule look like?


  1. Heyes Gabi! That sounds like an interesting app you are using for training! How is it going? I am also doing a half marathon this fall. It will be my first stand alone 13.1 distance. Other than training and 70.3 races, I have not tackled 13.1 in a race. I am doing Kiawah Island (in SC) on December and my training is going well. I have high hopes for a strong race and really focusing on speed. When are the races you are considering?

    • Hey Lee! The 2 races I’m looking at are late November right before Thanksgiving. I did 7 miles this weekend and it was slow but steady. Kiawah Island sounds nice! I’m also looking at Key West 13.1 in January. I love PearSports. It’s an app and HR monitor, so it’s great for HR training. You can do a plan or just individual workouts, many of which used to be (and I think still are) free.

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