Tried It Tuesday: GRID Foam Roller

GRID Foam RollersBack for another Tried It Tuesday to bring you another awesome item I will have in my auction starting TOMORROW (Aug 20, 2014): The GRID Foam Rollers!

Pablo and I are just 6 days away from our first Ironman. While my emotions are all over the place, I know we are ready!

One of the things we made part of our routine during Ironman training is foam rolling. Like compression gear and proper nutrition, foam rolling has helped us stay healthy and injury-free, which was exactly what we wanted as we packed on the miles and progressively increased our training load over these past few months.

Happy Birthday to Me!As a consistent user of the GRID roller, I reached out to TP Therapy for a donation to my auction and was ecstatic when they donated both a full size roller and a travel size! When I was featured on Your Fit Trip in June, the travel size foam roller was on my wish list and I was super excited when my sister in-law bought one for me for my birthday.

I use my full size roller after almost every workout and the travel size one has been on multiple training weekends with us!


When I first purchased the GRID it wasn’t for any other reason other than the fact that it was available at the store and now I’m so happy I did!

Trigger Point 3 AreasThe GRID roller has 3 zones that provide different intensities of massage; low and flat sections feel like a massage with the forearm or palm; small square sections are firm and feel like fingertips; long tubular sections feel like fingers and thumb. I’ve also found that the GRID’s foam holds up much better than other rollers I’ve tried in the past.

I’ve mostly used the GRID for rolling, but it can also be incorporated into your everyday workout to intensify push-ups, crunches and other core exercises. They have instructional videos on their site showing you how to use the roller. They also have a range of other products, including trigger point kits and a cold recovery roller, which sounds kind of cool.

Foam Rolling

If you want an original GRID roller or a GRID Mini, check out my Team in Training Auction!

  1. I lovelovelove the Grid. I call him Foamy and he is bright orange and my friend. I also love me a lacrosse ball. I CAN”T BELIEVE THAT YOU WILL BE AN IRONWOMAN IN 6 DAYSSSSS

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