Tried It Tuesday: Handana

Yesterday I shared my love for One More Mile shirts. Besides the giveaway, I’ll also have a One More Mile shirt at my Team in Training Auction which starts in 2 weeks. In addition, I’ll have an OrangeMud towel, a pair of Skora Fits and I’ll also have another awesome item: a Handana, you know like a bandana for your hand!


When I wear it, I actually turn the logo further to the right, so it does’t rub against my face.

Never heard of them? Neither had I until recently and when I saw the product my first thought was GENUIS! I jumped at the opportunity to review one and Handana was awesome enough to send me one for the auction too!

So what does a Handana do?

This might be more like a TMI Tuesday post, than a Tried It Tuesday post, but here it goes…I’m a heavy sweater and most of the time I get a runny nose while I’m out running (or biking, strength training or doing yoga for that matter). I used to use my shirt to wipe my face and nose, but that would just lead to chapped skin and not so pretty, and really painful, nose wounds.

AgassiI tried old fashioned wrist sweatbands, you know like the ones Andre Agassi and other tennis players wear. Those definitely do the job, but between the Garmin and the Road ID, I just felt like I was carrying too much on my wrists.

Would the handana solve my problem? Had I finally found an item that would allow me to wipe my face and nose without ending up with raw, chapped skin?

I think so.

IMG_6979The handana fit me perfectly and is made out of breathable, comfortable material. I’ve been out on a few runs with my Handana ranging from a quick 2-mile run to a 20-mile long run and so far I only have one complaint: I wish I had 2…yes, I sweat that much. Honestly though, one does do the job. While the Handana gets pretty soaked during my runs, I love being able to repeatedly wipe my face without hurting it!

Besides making a functional product, I also like Handana’s manifesto: “Inspire others to cross their finish line no matter where it is in life and to empower others along the way.”

Big manifesto for a small sweatband, right?

That’s what I thought too, but once you read founder Katie’s story, it all makes sense. When Katie was young she had a terrible reaction to medication that affected her entire body, and looked pretty gruesome, as a result of Steven Johnson’s Syndrome (SJS).  Katie’s recovery was long and painful and today she is still affected. One way she’s affected is that her eyes are super sensitive and so when she was training for a marathon, she almost quit because of how much her sweat hurt her eyes. That’s when the idea of the handana was born and the manifesto to inspire and empower others to persevere no matter what.

Handanas come in over 20 colors and 5 sizes, so head on over to to get your own…or better yet, wait a couple of weeks and come back to my auction, which starts on August 20, and bid on my Handana sweatband and Bolder Band headband combo!

Happy running! And if you sweat like me, definitely consider a Handana!

The auction is open!  Check it out through Aug 31: Team in Training Auction.

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