Tried It Tuesday: Skora Running

After having to take the day off yesterday because I wasn’t feeling well, I am so happy I woke up feeling better and was able to get workout one of the day (a brick) done! I’m also happy to be back on my am workout schedule. It’s only 9:30 am and I’ve already biked, ran, watched a webinar, and had breakfast. Yay me!

Webinar watching on the trainer.

Webinar watching on the trainer.

Today it’s time for another Tried It Tuesday! These past few weeks I’ve showcased some of the items I’ll have in my Team in Training Fundraising Auction, including a Foot Note from Momentum Jewelry and a Transition Wrap from Orange Mud.

This week I’m showcasing Skora Running who is donating a pair of their FIT shoes! As a bonus, a $100 Skora Gift Certificate is included in the awesome EveryMove Giveaway I’m running through August 3rd. Yes, these next couple of months LeanGreenIslandGirl is all about giveaways and fundraisers!

Skora FitAccording to Skora, The “FIT is the ultimate all-purpose running and training shoe, designed for flexibility, speed and agility. Lightweight, breathable airmesh is combined with a revolutionary 3D-Printed support pattern and 16mm of tuned cushioning for the ultimate in responsive performance and comfort.”

Skora Base Blue

Me and my blue Skora Base heading out for a quick 20 min Brick this morning

The FIT is one of their newest designs, so I haven’t tested them out, but I have been using the Base for quite some time. I actually just used them this morning for my brick run and will probably use them for run #2 of the day tonight too…I normally don’t run twice in a day, but with Ragnar just 8 weeks away, I figured I needed to see what it feels like to run so close together.

While the two shoes are not the same design, I think my experience with the Base can give you an idea of what to expect with the FIT.

Run RealSkora’s motto is RUN REAL and their shoes have all kinds of cool features [more about that here], that make it possible for you to run real, aka feel the run.

Here are the basics: Skora’s shoes are zero drop shoes, made with a focus on the shape of the human foot, so that it fits the foot perfectly and allows you to feel the ground while providing cushioning and protection. They’re made from breathable materials that move with your feet and they have nice sized toe boxes.

What that equates to for me, is the opportunity to really work on my form while running because I can feel how my feet are hitting the ground:

4 Steps to Good Form from

4 Steps to Good Form from

Personally, I don’t run long distances in my Skora’s, but I’ve used them for shorter distances as I’m working on getting my feet accustomed to zero drop shoes, and as I mentioned, to work on my form. I’ve also used them for gym workouts, and they’re my go to recovery shoe, aka when you’re heading out to the store, for a walk or are traveling and your feet are tired post-workout….which nowadays is basically every day for me…

Skora In San Diego

My orange Skoras and I in San Diego!

Enter the EveryMove Giveaway to win your own pair of Skoras or come back August 20th for my Team in Training auction!

Do you use Skora or other zero drop shoes?

The Team in Training FUNdraising auction is open! Check out the SKORA FITs and more!

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