Product Review: Chocolate Mint Vega Sport Protein Bar

I just finished my workout and I’m craving a Vega Sport Protein Bar and of course I’m all out! I guess it’s time to restock!

Disclaimer: I received no compensation for this review. Vega just sent me a box to try.

About a month ago, I was given the opportunity to join the Vega Sport Fuel Your Better campaign as a SweatPink Ambassador.  It was perfect timing, because I had been looking for a quick way to access protein post-workout.

Since getting serious about triathlons last year, I have also gotten serious about nutrition and one of the things I learned through books, like Matt Fitzgerald’s Racing Weight, is that nutrient timing matters.

Pre-workout you want carbs, post-workout, preferably within 30 minutes, you need protein (and carbs too, but higher protein is good post-workout as it helps your muscles recover).

So when the Fuel Your Better campaign started, I jumped at the opportunity to test their Chocolate Mint Vega Sport Protein Bars. I’m not a big fan of bars, but Chocolate Mint sounded like a great flavor and while I typically refuel with chocolate milk or a greek yogurt smoothie, there are times when I need to refuel on the go. Bars are simply the easiest way to do this, so I was determined to find a bar that I liked.


Some of the things I took with me to Chicago, including a couple of the Choco Mint Vega Protein Bars.

My first taste of the Chocolate Mint Vega Sport Protein Bar came after a morning on the trainer. We train before work, so the drill is typically ride, refuel, shower, prep breakfast and head out the door (yes, I eat breakfast in the car on my way to work, don’t you?) I ate half the bar and headed to the shower. I wasn’t sure about the texture, but by the time I got out of the shower I was craving the rest of the bar. The minty chocolate flavor was really good!


Here’s what a bar looks like.

Since that day the Chocolate Mint Vega Sport Protein Bar has become part of my refueling rotation. I still don’t love the texture, but that’s my problem with most bars and so far this bar is definitely one of my favorites.

My Vega Sport Protein Bars have come in handy on mornings when I need to rush from my workout to work. They’ve also traveled with me on a camping trip to Lake Anna, they joined me at my ABAI Conference in Chicago and most recently they made it down to Raleigh for the half Ironman.


Running at Lake Anna.

At $41.79 per box ($3.49/bar) they are a little expensive, but they might be worth the cost when you consider the quality of the content and the taste.

IMG_4249Formulated by Brendan Brazier, a vegan professional Ironman triathlete, they are non-GMO, gluten-free and made without artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. Each bar has 240 calories with 15 grams of protein, 6% of your daily iron needs and 30 grams of carbohydrates. Each bar also contains branched chain amino acids which are supposed to help your muscles rebuild and glutamine another amino acid that helps rebuild your muscles and support your immune system.


Post-run refueling at Lake Anna.

I can’t tell you how important those amino acids are, but I can tell you that I have really enjoyed eating my box of Vega Sport Protein Bars and I definitely plan on restocking on the Mint Chocolate flavor.

The Vega Sport Protein Bars also come in Chocolate Peanut Butter, which sounds tasty, and they make a Chocolate Coconut flavor, which I think Pablo might like. I’m also curious about their Energy Bars and Endurance Gels as fuel for long workouts.

Interested in Vega Products? Check ’em out and Fuel Your Better!

Have you tried any Vega products? What did you think? What other protein/recovery bars do you use? 

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